Boomtown view

May 22, 2014

view from Boomtown parking lot1

This is about as pretty as it gets

January Moon

January 26, 2013

moon fz47 1 25 13

May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

I’m still here.

July 9 ,2012 writer’s block still in effect. ūüôā

Ruffles R.I.P.

September 30, 2010

Life goes on. This is Ruffles, our alpha dog. He’s the quiet type and very affectionate. At the moment he is lying on the sofa watching me. We love him very much. Mommy is fixing dinner and the rest of the pack is in the kitchen however Ruffles is blessed by not having the food cravings like the rest of the dogs¬† and waits patiently for his dinner.

This foto was taken with a Pentax *ist DS  with DA 18-55mm Lens at the Costco parking lot in Santa Cruz, CA after the senior picnic. It was very hot that day and we nearly missed the food as we were running late.


It is with great sadness of heart to post that Ruffles was run over and killed by a speeding hit and run driver on Jan 29, 2012. Life will never be the same.  Ruffles was truly a lover boy. He never hurt anyone, was the least trouble of all the dogs and was beloved by us all.

Sebastian, my favorite cat

June 29, 2010

Sebastian was such a good cat. He even looks good after his spirit left his body last night. This is one cat who lived right with us and our dogs and likely thought he was a dog in some ways like coming when called for instance. Though towards the end he came less easily as we let him out of the yard to explore the driveway.

We always thought he wanted to go somewhere, now he has, the Rainbow Bridge. It’s a big void you left buddy, even though you were a pain in the ass at times like when you’d walk across my hair in the bed, or push one of the Chihuahuas over to take their spot and that would set up a chain reaction as all the dogs would have to relocate but we loved you all the same. Even though you spread your food all over the place. We figured you were just trying to share some with your dog friends who wouldn’t get any if you kept it all in the bowl.

We even loved you when you dragged cat litter into the bed because we knew you used your cat box instead of the rug. Yes Sebastian you’re gone but not forgotten.

And we thank you Kerri for letting us adopt Sebastian several years ago.  Sebastian can rest easy now and when we look up into the sky and see the Rainbow it will remind us of where you went. See ya . . .


June 27, 2010


I’ve got little motivation to do a dang thing

so I sit on my butt and type out this thing

setting up with a tripod what a hassle but

it’s better than a picture with camera shake blur

so I’ll take the bokeh instead.

I intended to take some infrared photos but it wasn’t working out

so I took the filter off and shot this horsetail in the front yard instead.

This is for you Sebastian, please get well soon. Michelle

Feather Found

May 12, 2010

Feather found upon the ground

Feather lost from in the air bird do not despair

I see no carcass here

Blades of Grass

May 10, 2010

Light and shadow play

A walk in the tall grass

The dogs run freely.


May 9, 2010

[A] brief step outside to see if the world was ready for me.

It wasn’t and what I found was that neither was I ready to sound.

Back to roost for another time to brew my  truth inside my mind.

But I can’t wait and shan’t hesitate or soon it’s too late to open the gate.

Searching for voice to share so that others can be aware and I can be me set free.

Don’t send a Rook to do what a Knight could have done.

Weeds and allergies

May 5, 2010

Along with the wild flowers comes the watery eyes and the runny nose, the headaches, and toothaches apparently aren’t far behind because that’s what I’m going through the last couple of days.

It’s good to have a lead on what’s causing my current condition rather than suspecting a toothache or some life stressor¬†hidden below the surface. It’s been breezier this year than most, perhaps that’s the cause. In a few days they’ll mow the fields. That’s a cockamamie idea if you ask me. All it does is mess up nature.

Then I got to thinking about plants in general. They make oxygen don’t they? We breath¬†oxygen don’t we? So why would a sane person kill a plant that is making oxygen that we breath: the air is too clean, we don’t know better, they’re weeds, they’re covering up the “For Sale” sign? That must be it, they’re out shining the ugly for sale sign so whack them down, pile them on the ground and let them rot.

No matter that the litter is now exposed picking up litter wasn’t in the job description of the people who were paid to mow the weeds down. So what do we have? A once beautiful field full of wildflowers generating oxygen for all to breath. Then along comes some guy with a piece of paper that says it’s his field and he wants the field mowed so his for sale sign if more visible. wretch.

Chief Seattle had it right when he said ‚ÄúEarth does not belong to us; we belong to earth.‚ÄĚ

Today and in the spring the earth gets even with us for mowing and blowing and dusting up the place we get allergies. Spring is my least favorite season. It’s the season where my eyes itch and water and my nose runs. It’s the season I have to hang up the winter clothes that kept me warm for the months of the cold times. Now I have sun blasting in and it gets hot.

Yes there is much to be said for winter and fall. Those are my seasons, not spring, not even summer.

Why am I drinking tea out of a measuring cup Cathy asks. I don’t know, why not?¬† It saves dish washing, it multitasks, it’s a nice cup. It was handy. It saves me having to choose from the multitudes of cups in the cupboard and it’s guaranteed the correct volume since I used it to measure out the water.

I’m also testing it to see if it’s suitable to take in the motor home. It’s glass that makes it heavy but it’s got a nice heft. Drinking from glass seems more pleasing that drinking from plastic.

One could also ask why am I drinking tea and coffee at the same time couldn’t one? I’m hungry, that’s why and I’m hoping by drinking the tea I can hold off until dinner. My weight has been going back up. I lost a good deal of excess weight but recently bottomed out and started gaining it back. My choices seem to be eat less or exercise more. I don’t want to exercise more. I’m too lazy however eating less is harder than it seems. Sure I could eat celery but the kinds of food that satisfy me are high calorie foods, not celery and besides I do my celery in either salad dressing or stuff it with peanut butter so that doesn’t help much.

I had a bowl of ramen for lunch. That’s likely why the hunger pangs are getting me now. There isn’t a lot of caloric value in ramen is there?

I’m all caught up on my chess games so I joined a mini-tournament to get a few more games to play. I have no energy to get up and move around. Today has been tough. I took a couple of pictures of the yellow iris in the front yard.

Ever hear that saying “I live each day as if it were my last” well I’d rather live each day as if it were my first. As a compromise I’ll live each day as if it’s one day in a long string of days. My first assessment upon awakening is how I feel and if it’s within acceptable parameters I’ll make the assumption that I’m not going to die today and then I’ll go about my usual activities of life.